Catchin' The Vibe via Native Folk

Good and inspiring vibes - I was introduced to a gentleman by the name of Moruf [@Moruf88} through a mutual friend for an opportunity to collaborate on something in the near future. Nevertheless, a link to this joint was in his instagram bio. I inquired about it after experiencing the serenity gained from the melodic mixture and he informed me it was his lady's podcast titled "Native Folk" - You can keep up with her on Instagram and Tumblr

The Commencement Lookbook // Flaw Lifestyle

A month or so ago I had the opportunity to shoot a lookbook for some good friends of mine who just started a clothing venture recently. Flaw Lifestyle was started with the mission of building morale and understanding in self-worth. Beyond knowing the people behind the brand; I just really like their mission to bring some positivity into the clothing game. This is definitely my preferred type of media work. Check out some of my favorites from this photo set. Peace! 

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